About Dr. Jeff Bailey, Manager Consulting- Cloud

Dr. Jeff Bailey has 30 years of consulting experience focused on helping organizations improve people, processes, and productivity. He has gained this experience as a military leader, a project manager, a professor, and mostly as an organizational change advisor. He worked with senior military leaders as a communications officer with the 1st Infantry Division planning and coordinating the use communications assets in fluid battlefield scenarios. Since the early 1990s he has worked with dozens of public and private organizations helping them develop managers into leaders and to adjust business processes to enhance operations and overall productivity. Dr. Bailey has been with CherryRoad for more than a decade working on the largest systems implementation projects as a project manager and as a change management advisor. He works with client leaders in helping them be the voice and face of change. Dr. Bailey also helps leaders communicate and engage with large groups of stakeholders and future system users early and often. As a professor, Dr. Bailey teaches a variety of topics related to organizational behavior and change.
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