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The CherryRoad Difference

  • Almost four decades of IT consulting experience
  • 600+ clients in the USA
  • Oracle and Infor premier partners
  • Experts in Public Sector, K12 and Higher Education
  • 500+ employees in 10 offices and remote locations worldwide
  • Average tenure of consultants with CherryRoad is 10+ years
  • Owners of 63+ County Newspaper Publications
  • We thrive because of diversity and inclusion

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You’ll have access to many benefits, depending on your role and location:

  • Competitive compensation

  • Work from anywhere
  • Career development
  • Flexible hours

  • Health and wellness
  • Unlimited time off

The CherryRoad Voices

By Ray Songco, Principal Consultant
“I joined CherryRoad 25 years ago, and the same things that were true then are true today: a forward-thinking executive team, a culture that rewards initiative and dedication, and a well-respected name in the industry. Above all, not only do I work with many like-minded folks who have been with the company for many years, I also enjoy the fresh and innovative ideas from the newer people joining the team.”
By Ray Songco, Principal Consultant
By Lisa Gaunt, Manager
“I am as excited as I was when I started my consulting career with CherryRoad 20 years ago. Being able to collaborate across projects with my peers and have an accessible management team has been fundamental in my growth and has also allowed me to represent the company in several positions along the way. The free spirited and trusting work environment helps individual talents to shine. CherryRoad is one big Family!”
By Lisa Gaunt, Manager
By Nazgol Khamneipur, Program Manager - cloud
“I have been with CherryRoad for over a decade now. I have played various roles and am thoroughly enjoying my journey. I have established valuable relationships with my colleagues and clients alike. CherryRoad is a unique IT company where a family owns and runs this business. I have always felt supported by the leadership when personal situations arise. It is also a highly entrepreneurial and innovative organization, where I got an opportunity to manage several challenging aspects of the business. They say time flies when you are having fun and that holds true for me at CherryRoad.”
By Nazgol Khamneipur, Program Manager - cloud
By Charles Paul, Sr Technical Analyst
“I joined CherryRoad 12 years back and have enjoyed every bit of it. During my tenure, I have seen this company grow rapidly and embrace new technologies. I am proud to be part of this journey that offered me an opportunity to handle some challenging projects. The leadership is accessible and offers me guidance and support when needed. I love the trust and freedom for decision-making that my managers bestow on me. I am proud to be part of such a collaborative and knowledgeable peer group.”
By Charles Paul, Sr Technical Analyst
“I have been with CherryRoad for couple of years now. My favorite part is the supportive leadership who stands by what they say. Also, the peers are immensely collaborative, and work in unison towards a common goal i.e., if CherryRoad succeeds, we succeed. Being an Oracle consultant, I am proud of being part of an IT services organization who are the Oracle platinum partners. CherryRoad invests in our knowledge growth and provides us an opportunity to sharpen our skills. I will be glad to be a part of CherryRoad till I retire.”
By Matt Stelling, Lead Consultant- HCM Cloud

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