Organizational Change Management – OCM Plan

OCM Plan For A Smooth Transition To Modern Technology Landscape

Technology helps businesses achieve productivity and efficiency goals by automating planning and processes. Yet, the adoption of new technology takes time, collaboration, and strong leadership support. That is where CherryRoad change leadership comes in.

Whether you are looking to implement new systems, processes, or just planning for that desired future state an effective Organizational Change Management (OCM) plan can assure you have the right resources and procedures in place to achieve your goals. We use the term leadership because we have learned over the decades that changing behaviors and attitudes for one person or 10,001 persons requires leadership; paving the way, leading by example, and supporting all staff throughout the change journey.

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We understand that for your team, it is all new, unknown, and overwhelming. But our seasoned consultants have done this repeatedly for last 35 years. We know what can go wrong, and we know how to tackle that sans friction. We offer plans, processes, and tools to help leaders pave the way for change in their organizations.

CherryRoad aims not only to pave your path towards the new technology but also to prepare, train and equip your team on how to embrace this change and thrive.

We accomplish this goal by collaborating with our clients to create a custom OCM plan that fits the organizational culture and bandwidth. Yet, our core focus is always on the people, the individuals who are most impacted by this change.

CherryRoad Difference


Our OCL team is comprised of senior experts who have been leading change efforts for three decades. Each CherryRoad OCL lead is Prosci certified and brings their own unique tools and techniques to each OCM plan. This collegial group collaborates with each other to help support all our clients navigate the white waters of change.

Jeff Bailey PhD, PMP, CCMP

30 years in organization development consulting
Dr. Bailey has been working on technology related projects throughout his career, but his focus has been on people, processes, and leadership. He has worked with a variety of organizations to include financial institutions, telecommunications networks, insurance firms, airlines, as well as state and local governments to include K12 Districts.

“When launching a new technology project, remember to support two key stakeholder groups: the project team and frontline leaders. The project team is the first group to encounter the change and the frontline leader is the most influential supporter who can reinforce change in the most impactful ways.”

Sharon Smith, PhD, Prosci Certified Change Professional

Over 20 years of experience in Organizational Development and Change Leadership consulting helping strategically guide organizations through change due primarily to system implementations in the public sector.

“The cornerstone of strong change leadership is frequent, accurate, honest communication that builds trust for people to confidently embrace change.”

Paul Yeager, PMP

20 years in organizational change management consulting
Paul’s consulting career has primarily been providing organizational change management services for ERP projects, including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, and Oracle Cloud. His industry experience covers clients in state and local governments, public utilities, transportation and K12 public school districts.

“People don’t so much resist change as they resist being asked to do something they don’t understand.”


Luke Todd

Over 20 years of experience as Change Management Manager with extensive experience in PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance (ERP), and Procurement implementations, as well as IBM /Maximo implementations.

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life and be without flavor.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Valerie Cooper Prosci Certified Change Professional

Change Management leader skilled at driving transition principles (planning, managing, and sustaining change) and methodologies across medium to large global initiatives within Public Sector and Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Cooper is a focused, achievement oriented Organizational Change Management professional with extensive experience leading the change management workstream of large-scale implementations such as Oracle ERP.

“No one is perfect that’s why pencils have erasers.” -Wolfgang Riebe

Organizational Change Leadership (OCL) Approach

We help leaders gain insights about the upcoming change and the various stakeholders within the organization that represent the coalition.

The project change approach includes a communications plan based on ADKAR model i.e., to create and maintain awareness, a readiness plan to create and maintain desire, a training plan to create and deliver knowledge and ability, and an end user support plan to reinforce change.

We help our clients get the change work done, which includes several services & deliverables such as delivering messages, facilitating meetings, identifying change impacts, developing training material, customized workshops, preparing readiness reports, and more.

Go Live is just the start of the change journey for most employees and their supervisors. Hence, to maintain momentum and reinforce good practices, we work with clients to develop rewards and recognition plans, as well as end user support teams to keep users motivated and confident.

CherryRoad team adopts the five milestones of the ADKAR model as pervasive activities that span the duration of the project.

  • Awareness– a milestone that needs to be revisited as new information emerges and needs to be shared with targeted audiences.
  • Desire is not a “one and done” activity; desire needs to be rekindled throughout the project.
  • Knowledge is cultivated with each stakeholder group well before training during workshops and testing sessions.
  • Ability and Reinforcement as integrated activities that continue well beyond Go Live.

Some Client Love

“We partnered with CherryRoad to implement Oracle Cloud for the City. Moving forward, Oracle Cloud will be the system of record at Roseville for all financial, payroll, and human resource transactions. It will serve as the centralized source of data, empowering staff to minimize manual processes and have access to a broader set of data needed to make timely informed decisions.”
~ Nafees Coleman, ERP Project Manager, City of Roseville
“This is the second time in which the University has partnered with CherryRoad to achieve our business and technology objectives. During both experiences, CherryRoad exceeded our expectations. They have clearly demonstrated that they are a caring organization that listens. They have provided us with consultants who understand that system implementation is a technical and human process and are talented at blending both beautifully.”
~ Susan Foster, Vice President of Information Technologies , University of Delaware
“CherryRoad Technologies understands that flexibility and adaptability are essential for success in the communications industry. With CherryRoad as our partner, we implemented a software solution that lets us measure the profitability of individual projects and customer accounts, allocate personnel and resources more effectively and support the overall growth of our business.”
~ Jim Dileo, Senior VP of Worldwide Information Technology, Publicis Groupe
“As a tech-forward City, we are proud to utilize a digital tool which enhances our resident’s ability to be wholly involved. Whether it be to indicate budgetary priorities, share ideas, or to hear what fellow citizens want to share with their government, Digital Town Hall provides us a secure, easy-to-use, and digital forum to transact City business.”
~ Mayor Joseph M. DeStefano, City of Middletown, NY
“While it was not our plan to have our central office staff work remotely at the drop of a hat, we thankfully had CherryRoad’s Shark UTM® Remote Workplace at our disposal. In a matter of hours we created accounts for all of our central office staff and gave them connections to their desktops. It’s working out amazingly well and has provided invaluable flexibility in coping with the ever-changing work conditions we’re all facing.”
~ Barry Sclar, Supervisor of Information Services, Wachusett Regional School District

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