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CherryRoad Technologies is a full-service technology and Internet solution provider. CherryRoad has more than 20 years of experience (circa 1999) operating multiple, carrier-neutral, data centers covering both coasts of the U.S. across its coast-to-coast IP backbone.

Our IP backbone (AS 14361) has a truly national reach and global connectivity, spanning from New York through the District of Columbia, Virginia, Illinois, and on to California and Washington state. It is entirely Cisco advanced router-based and uses the latest equipment in a fully redundant, fully meshed, network design.

Whether your needs are for High-Speed Internet Service, Firewall Security, LAN/WAN Configuration, Content Filtering, Email, Email Archiving, Web Hosting, Implementation of projects, or if you are looking for a Managed Solution with exceptional support, CherryRoad has what you are looking for. We offer a wide variety of products and services to fit your technology needs.

Our on-net Internet Access includes 24x7x365 proactive monitoring, Business Level SLAs, DoS/DDoS mitigation, and bandwidth priority to networks used by our clients. With this DoS/DDoS service, we guarantee that 100% of the legitimate traffic passing through our network is delivered directly to these content providers and is protected from a Denial-of-Service attack.

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Our Partners- Our strength

CherryRoad partners with multiple telecommunication providers to meet the needs of our clientele. We deliver ISP and WAN services ranging from Broadband to Leased and Dark Fiber solutions. We also design hybrid solutions using multiple partners to find the perfect solutions for the organization with special requirements.

CherryRoad Difference – Transit & Peer Connections

Our network consists of a hybrid of top-SLA major tier 1 transit links at various locations, as well as numerous direct peering sessions with major National and International networks, backbones and ISPs. More than half of the traffic exits from us directly to the destination peer network, being completely transit-free, thus ensuring the most direct and best performing route possible.

Our peer list includes most of North America’s major access providers (ISP/cable/DSL), as well as many of the largest Asian, European and South American backbones and ISPs. New peering sessions are established on an ongoing regular basis.

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Some Client Love

“We partnered with CherryRoad to implement Oracle Cloud for the City. Moving forward, Oracle Cloud will be the system of record at Roseville for all financial, payroll, and human resource transactions. It will serve as the centralized source of data, empowering staff to minimize manual processes and have access to a broader set of data needed to make timely informed decisions.”
~ Nafees Coleman, ERP Project Manager, City of Roseville
“This is the second time in which the University has partnered with CherryRoad to achieve our business and technology objectives. During both experiences, CherryRoad exceeded our expectations. They have clearly demonstrated that they are a caring organization that listens. They have provided us with consultants who understand that system implementation is a technical and human process and are talented at blending both beautifully.”
~ Susan Foster, Vice President of Information Technologies , University of Delaware
“CherryRoad Technologies understands that flexibility and adaptability are essential for success in the communications industry. With CherryRoad as our partner, we implemented a software solution that lets us measure the profitability of individual projects and customer accounts, allocate personnel and resources more effectively and support the overall growth of our business.”
~ Jim Dileo, Senior VP of Worldwide Information Technology, Publicis Groupe
“As a tech-forward City, we are proud to utilize a digital tool which enhances our resident’s ability to be wholly involved. Whether it be to indicate budgetary priorities, share ideas, or to hear what fellow citizens want to share with their government, Digital Town Hall provides us a secure, easy-to-use, and digital forum to transact City business.”
~ Mayor Joseph M. DeStefano, City of Middletown, NY
“While it was not our plan to have our central office staff work remotely at the drop of a hat, we thankfully had CherryRoad’s Shark UTM® Remote Workplace at our disposal. In a matter of hours we created accounts for all of our central office staff and gave them connections to their desktops. It’s working out amazingly well and has provided invaluable flexibility in coping with the ever-changing work conditions we’re all facing.”
~ Barry Sclar, Supervisor of Information Services, Wachusett Regional School District

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