Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Reduce Costs and Risks with Modern Network Infrastructure

As technology has evolved, we have created a dependence on reliable and fast data connections. Whether you are transmitting files between buildings or downloading information from an online application, fiber is quickly becoming the preferred method of data transmission.

CherryRoad’s technology division has been a preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP) and technology services provider to schools, cities, towns, and other organizations since 1998.

Members of our sales and technical team have been participating in the E-Rate program since 1998. We keep abreast of all FCC & USAC program changes, participate in USAC-sponsored training, and provide ongoing guidance to our clients throughout the process once the competitive bidding process has been completed.

How we ensure the health of your internet infrastructure

Transit & Peer Connections

Our network consists of tier 1 transit links and numerous direct peering sessions with major National & International networks. This ensures the most direct and best performing route possible.

DDoS Mitigation Services

Our on-net internet access includes DoS/DDoS mitigation and bandwidth priority to networks used most by our education sector clients. Using machine learning, advanced pattern matching, and suspicious flow detection algorithms, we can detect DoS attacks in real-time and block offending traffic, before hitting your network.

E-Rate Program

Benefit from the same expertise and efficiencies the biggest names in North America have been relying on since 1999

Improve Efficiency

Deliver a Wi-Fi infrastructure that is always secure, healthy, and current, without the required man-hours. Our experience, expertise, and technologies have all your requirements covered.

Reduce Costs

Generate large-scale savings that will only grow as your number of Wi-Fi connected locations increases over time. Our 20 years of Wi-Fi infrastructure management experience means we can offer efficiencies few other teams cannot.

Avoid Headaches

Give your team one less hurdle. Our 24/7/365 systems monitoring, and extensive North American logistics network of spares, depots and field service providers will let you stay productive during the day and sleep easy at night.

Speed Up Reaction Time

Keep both end-users and management happy with rapid problem resolution. Our close relationships with equipment vendors, telecom carriers, and ISPs give us preferential treatment that we put to work for you.


Internet & WAN Services

CherryRoad partners with multiple telecommunication providers to meet the needs of our clientele. This includes leased and/or privately built wide area networks and high bandwidth Internet Connections. We have also designed hybrid solutions using multiple partners to find the perfect solutions for the organization with special needs.
We provide these services over multiple mediums including and not limited to:

Fiber Options

  • Switched Ethernet Services (Metro Ethernet)
  • Community Fiber
  • Privately Built Fiber
  • Leased Lit Fiber
  • Leased Dark Fiber


  • Lightning Speed
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Enterprise Level SLA
  • 99% Up-time
  • Scalability
  • No Expensive Equipment


Cable Broadband Internet Services, high bandwidth solutions for low cost.

  • High Bandwidth
  • Business Level SLA
  • Bi-Directional Speeds
  • Single Point of Contact

Some Client Love

Publicis Groupe
“CherryRoad Technologies understands that flexibility and adaptability are essential for success in the communications industry. With CherryRoad as our partner, we implemented a software solution that lets us measure the profitability of individual projects and customer accounts, allocate personnel and resources more effectively and support the overall growth of our business.”
~ Jim Dileo, Senior VP of Worldwide Information Technology, Publicis Groupe
City of Middletownny
“As a tech-forward City, we are proud to utilize a digital tool which enhances our resident’s ability to be wholly involved. Whether it be to indicate budgetary priorities, share ideas, or to hear what fellow citizens want to share with their government, Digital Town Hall provides us a secure, easy-to-use, and digital forum to transact City business.”
~ Mayor Joseph M. DeStefano, City of Middletown, NY., City of Middletown, NY
Wachusett Regional School District
“While it was not our plan to have our central office staff work remotely at the drop of a hat, we thankfully had CherryRoad’s SHARK UTM®®® Remote Workplace at our disposal. In a matter of hours we created accounts for all of our central office staff and gave them connections to their desktops. It’s working out amazingly well and has provided invaluable flexibility in coping with the ever-changing work conditions we’re all facing.”
~ Barry Sclar, Supervisor of Information Services, Wachusett Regional School District

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