HR Systems Upgrade for Port of Seattle

About the Client

By air, land, and sea, the Port of Seattle connects passengers and cargo to destinations around the globe. Port activities at the airport, cargo, commercial fishing, and marina facilities generate nearly 194,000 jobs across the state of Washington.

Client Challenge
  • To upgrade the Port of Seattle’s HR functions to the most advanced HR systems.

HR, Payroll, Benefits Administration and Time & Labor modules.

CherryRoad Solution
  • Port of Seattle HR staff are able to work more effectively. Employees can review their own benefits records via the web.
The Port of Seattle finds smooth sailing with CherryRoad Technologies
  • The Port of Seattle, with operations spanning both a major international airport and a major commercial seaport, has substantial business interests to run. Its facilities span both the Seattle Tacoma International Airport, known as Sea-Tac, and the Seattle Seaport, with local ferries, a marina, a commercial fishing port and international container cargo shipping divisions.
  • The Port of Seattle is working rapidly to transform itself into an e-Business. It is part of its mission to be King County, Washington’s most effective provider of transportation services and to promote trade and commerce for all its citizens. A web-enabled cargo and harbor management project is already underway, for example. As part of this initiative, the Port aims to provide employees with state-of-the-art HR facilities.
Phase I: Making a complex installation simple
  • In 1998, the Port decided it needed a more efficient way to manage payroll and benefits for its hundreds of employees. Their search led management to applications software for Public Sector. They also needed an implementation partner, so the Port conducted an open bid competition. Based on our knowledge of HR systems and public sector organizations, the Port of Seattle management selected CherryRoad Technologies to assist in their system implementation.
  • Three modules were included in the implementation: HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration. Adding to the complexity of this effort was the fact that Port employees belonged to no fewer than 27 different unions, each with its own earnings codes, shift differentials and benefits programs. Further, the Port chose to implement two advanced applications, Recruiting and Benefits Administration, which public sector organizations often regard as too challenging for their needs. However, with CherryRoad’s help, the Port of Seattle’s total implementation was smooth and problem-free, on time and on budget.
Phase II: Ongoing consulting

After the first implementation, the Port of Seattle continued to work with CherryRoad on special projects. For example, based on CherryRoad’s demonstrated technical expertise and long-term knowledge of public sector operations, the Port of Seattle brought in our consultants to support its year-end financial processing. Similar projects followed.

Phase III: Upgrading to an advanced, web-enabled HR environment
  • As part of its e-Business initiative, the Port of Seattle wanted to add the web functionality HR systems. Given their past experience, they called on CherryRoad to upgrade their existing applications and added Time & Labor module. With this implementation, the Port of Seattle became one of the first public sector institutions in the nation to implement a web-based ERP system. They are achieving what they set out to do.
  • According to a Port of Seattle spokesperson, Project Manager Dianne Jensen, CherryRoad’s approach is a major reason for their success. “They worked with us as a true partner,” she says. “The consultants didn’t come in and say, ‘Let us tell you how to do this.’ They asked for our views on what would and wouldn’t work.” And that makes all the difference, in Jensen’s view.
Client Benefit

CherryRoad Technologies implemented solutions for the Port of Seattle on time and on budget.

The CherryRoad Advantage
  • CherryRoad Technologies brings unique advantages to every engagement. We not only have unsurpassed technical experience in all aspects of e-Business development and planning, managing and implementing complex software applications for major business and government clients, we also have a practical, proven approach to problem solving matched with a commitment to open communication with our customers. This helps our relationships grow. The Port of Seattle, for example, has involved us in their business regularly since our first engagement in 1998. We continue to add value to their operations.
  • We are practical, knowledgeable, experienced professionals with a passion for delivering answers that work. We listen. We partner with you. And we help fast-moving organizations like yours acquire the software and skills they need to propel their operations to new heights.

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They (CherryRoad) worked with us as a true partner. The consultants didn’t come in and say, ‘Let us tell you how to do this.’ They asked for our views on what would and wouldn’t work.

Dianne Jensen
Project Manager

HR systems implementation
Public Sector
HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration