A Secure, Cloud-Based Platform to Enable School District Continuity

The CherryRoad MYDIGITAL School Board solution is not your average meeting tool. It’s specifically designed to meet the unique needs school boards face – all within one user friendly platform that is easy-to-use and quickly enabled.

The Alternative to Face-to-Face Interaction

  • Remote School Board Meetings
  • Remote Faculty and Teacher Meetings
  • Secure live voting with authentication
  • Transparent voting results/capture
  • Collaboration tools for file/content sharing
  • Faculty, parent, and student community engagement

Enable rapid response tools that reassure your education community you are always operational, making decisions on behalf of students and parents, and providing real-time updates to emergency and school information.


  • Secure, private network
  • Integrated registration, agenda, and minutes
  • Interactive communication
  • Full audio and video
  • Access 24x7x365
  • Panel/participant rooms
  • Controlled chat box
  • Video recording
A young professional in a virtual meeting as a digital workplace solution


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You run the meeting, we’ll run the technology.

Meeting Facilitation

One secure ‘point of entry’ for all current and previous meeting engagements, communication, and content. A custom branded online portal provides upcoming meetings, agendas, minutes, voting results, and video files from previous meetings.

Security Bundle

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Intrusion Detection & Resistance
  • Data Encryption
  • Audits & Logging

Digital Asset Management

Full audio and visual capabilities. All digital assets are securely stored and archived in the cloud, are fully searchable, easily accessed, and retrieved.

Meeting Management

Private and public meeting rooms, scheduling, pre-registration with question and response capabilities, authenticated secure voting, private and public chat, controlled audio and Q/A, and automated notifications.


Enable engagement and interaction of school boards and committees all of whom can view agendas, register online, and participate by computer or phone.

Additional Toolkit Options

  • Digital Remote Workspace
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Web Hosting (100% uptime guarantee)
  • DRaaS

Unique User Roles

Organizer, panelists, voting manager, designated voters, and attendees/registrants.

Agenda Management

Create, publish, and conduct remote meetings and associated agendas.

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