Oracle ERP, HCM & EPM Cloud for City of Roseville, CA

About the Client

The City of Roseville is an incorporated city with a population of more than 145,000 residents located in Placer County, approximately 16 miles northeast of Sacramento, California.

Client Challenge

The City of Roseville’s vision for the ERP Project was “Transforming the City’s Business.” The City’s IFAS Finance and Procurement systems had been in place for over two decades. IFAS had functional and performance limitations, especially in data reporting. Most of the processes within the current IFAS system were manual and had limited functionality. With growth projected over the next decade, the City recognized the need to improve its ability to deliver services and reduce operational costs using modern technology.

CherryRoad Helped City of Roseville Modernize Systems By Implementing Oracle Cloud ERP

The City of Roseville aimed to improve business processes, gain efficiencies, simplify, and standardize the use of systems by migrating from Sungard’s IFAS to Oracle Cloud ERP. The IFAS system lacked integration to other key systems, a modern-day user interface, as well as other features that are intuitive and common with contemporary systems.

The City desired to deploy and implement a SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that meets the administrative and business management needs of the City over the next decade including Financial Management, Procurement, Human Capital Management, and Budgeting.

The City chose Oracle Cloud and to execute such an ambitious project, they were looking for a seasoned Oracle services partner, an expert in cloud ERP system implementation, training, and post-production support.

After an RFP process in 2016-17, the City chose CherryRoad Technologies as their IT consulting, system migration, and application support partner to assess and transition their workloads from SunGard IFAS to Oracle Fusion ERP, HCM, and PBCS Clouds.

CherryRoad was engaged to implement Oracle Cloud for Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Payroll, and Budgeting. Our team was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Business Process Review and Gap Analysis
  • Configuration of the system along with customizations
  • Workforce time and attendance to Oracle Payroll
  • Oracle Financial application integrations with 3rdparty systems i.e. Maximo, Cayenta, Accela etc.
  • Data migration from IFAS to Oracle Cloud Financials Suite.
  • Development of Custom Reports for business
  • Alignment of business processes with Cloud Oracle design
  • End-user and trainer’s training for each module in the Oracle Suite
  • Change Management
  • Go-Live and postproduction support for a year
  • Active troubleshooting and audit support, reconciliations for the migrated data.
CherryRoad Solution

This project began in July 2017 with the Organization Change Management (OCM) assessments conducted by CherryRoad consultants.

After a thorough gap analysis, our team along with City officials, drafted a change management and communication management plan to ensure a smooth transition.

CherryRoad team deployed a cloud-based SaaS ERP solution by Oracle for the City in 2 phases-

  • Phase 1- 1 year

Oracle Fusion cloud service – Financials, Procurement, Portfolio management (including grants)

  • Phase 2- 1 year

Human Capital Management (HCM/Payroll) and EPM cloud i.e., Planning and Budgeting (PBCS)

Solution design workshops were conducted, and the training program was developed using the CherryRoad Technologies LearnUpon LMS tool.

CherryRoad’s implementation approach that stood as a differentiator during this project-

  • A measured, risk-averse phased implementation
  • Participation of the city staff on key project tasks ensuring goal alignment
  • Focus on knowledge transfer throughout the project

Our team followed the “FastTrack Fusion Implementation Methodology” having the phases of Planning & Discovery, Solution Configuration and Prototype, Solution Deployment and Testing, Training, and Implementation, Production Support.

CherryRoad ensured client satisfaction by ticking all the checkpoints present in the client’s project success parameters list:

  • Integration through all city systems
  • Process standardization
  • Improve employee engagement
Client Benefit

The project completion helped the City of Roseville achieve the following business outcomes:

  • Consolidation of technology, processes, and people to one Integrated Financial System
  • Gained “People and Technology” synergies between departments across the City and external 3rd party systems
  • Accommodation of “One set of Books” for Finance and FERC Reporting
  • Provided function-specific tools and direction to the teams so that the tasks are completed on time and accurately
  • Proactive and timely escalation of concerns/issues /potential conflicts and priorities to the appropriate project teams
  • Reduced redundant manual entries and shadow systems

In the long term, this landmark ERP system project helped the City of Roseville yield the following benefits:

  • Improved quality and accessibility of information for decision support
  • Standardize business processes through the adoption of “best business practices”
  • Maximized and delivered business intelligence through data analytics reports
  • Strengthened internal controls
  • Streamlined approvals through workflow and electronic signatures
  • Streamlined Human Resources process with self-service capabilities (Open enrollment and Manager’s Self-service)

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We partnered with CherryRoad to implement Oracle Cloud for the City. Moving forward, Oracle Cloud will be the system of record at Roseville for all financial, payroll, and human resource transactions. It will serve as the centralized source of data, empowering staff to minimize manual processes and have access to a broader set of data needed to make timely informed decisions.

Nafees Coleman
ERP Project Manager

Public Sector
Oracle Cloud

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