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Middletown, NY, a city in Orange County, New York, United States, lies in New York’s Hudson Valley region, near the Wallkill River and the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains. Middletown is situated between Port Jervis and Newburgh, New York. Middletown falls within the Poughkeepsie–Newburgh–Middletown Metropolitan Statistical Area, which belongs to the larger New York–Newark–Bridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA Combined Statistical Area.


The City of Middletown had an immediate need to provide real-time interaction at government meetings. It was imperative to keep citizens informed, involved, and safe while adhering to restrictions related to in-person meetings.


Through CherryRoad’s Digital Town Hall solution, the City of Middletown has the capability to reassure its citizens that they are always operational, making decisions on behalf of the community, and providing real-time updates to emergency and community information. With Digital Town Hall, the City of Middletown, NY, now has a central place to share event content and collaborate on important topics today and in the future for its citizens.


Through continuous innovation and development, CherryRoad is committed to optimizing progressive technology that supports growth and change, enhances the quality of our clients’ organizations, and brings about accelerated solutions that meet evolving market needs.
More than ever before, citizens’ desire communication from their leaders related to key local decisions and an opportunity to participate in their local government in real-time. Stakeholders equally desire a means to provide important information and virtually interact with constituents. With Digital Town Hall, developed in partnership with LogMeIn®, the City of Middletown, NY, now has a central place to share event content and collaborate on important topics. It further enables the City to hold virtual, interactive meetings, giving citizens the ability to:

  • Communicate and become involved remotely, in real-time.
  • Become involved in the community, virtually with live questions and answers.
  • Access information that is pertinent to the business of local government, centralized and stored in a private cloud environment for easy, secure access.

“Our City values the views and opinions of its citizens and wishes them to remain fully engaged in their government,” stated Mayor Joseph M. DeStefano, City of Middletown, NY. “As a tech-forward City, we are proud to utilize a digital tool which enhances our resident’s ability to be wholly involved. Whether it be to indicate budgetary priorities, share ideas, or to hear what fellow citizens want to share with their government, Digital Town Hall provides us a secure, easy-to-use, and digital forum to transact City business.”

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