“Cloud computing” has become one of the hottest buzzwords in IT. Find out why.

In the world of information technology (IT), the newest and hottest buzzword has become ‘cloud computing.’ This technology has created widespread interest and awareness regarding public cloud services.

There are numerous benefits to centralizing computing resources into the cloud. One of these benefits is the ability to allocate these resources to multiple user groups regardless of physical location. The private cloud in particular does mitigate and often eliminates breach of security concerns. To do so, private cloud users each have their own separate virtual environments assigned to them. Instead of data being accessible to everyone in a public cloud, the private cloud enables users to control who is viewing their information. This solution can provide desired outcomes such as improved uptime and reliability while costing less than most traditional IT solutions.

It is no surprise that Yankee Group’s recent survey on Cloud Computing revealed that private cloud computing is preferred 2:1 over fully managed public cloud solutions. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should rethink your IT infrastructure and look at CherryRoad to provide your company with private cloud solutions.

1. Increased Security from Dedicated Hardware

If you have the correct firewalls in place combined with physical security and up to date anti-virus software, you can be assured that your data is as safe in a private cloud as it would be on your personal desktop. The user interface of the private cloud allows you to remotely manage and protect your servers at all times. You have the capability to call your vendor up and go to their data center, thus giving private cloud computing a more personal interaction then public cloud solutions.

2. Better Flexibility

The idea that you can virtually set up or take down a server in a matter of minutes is probably the most beneficial reason to switch to the cloud. When your company makes the switch to the private cloud, you are able to increase disk space, RAM or any other need on demand. You can also dynamically reallocate resources in minutes without worrying about physical requirements of a new server. In addition, you get far more personal interaction. For example, you can simply call your vendor up and go to their data center.

3. The Ability To Fully Utilize Your Hardware

By enabling virtualization, your company can increase the value of your physical server significantly. Instead of having many servers with lower utilization, your company can virtualize all the servers and then share the resources. In turn, this decreases rack space, overall power usage, and makes your servers more easily manageable. You can also create copies of your server and have them up and running more quickly than physical servers. Additionally, your company can allocate resources so when servers aren’t needed, they can be turned off or scaled down to make them more cost effective.

4. Virtual Servers and SAN Protect Against Disasters Better

When you connect your private cloud to a storage area network (SAN), redundancy can be easily achieved. This means that you can shift server resources when needed but you can also shut down a server for a period of time without causing any downtime. You are also able to utilize vendors with multiple data centers to allow for geographically dispersed hot backups. This helps take your disaster recovery to the next level because of the ability to transfer resources between servers and SAN.

5. Save Time & Money

When you switch to the private cloud, not only will you benefit from all the great security and virtualization, you will also be able to save money and the headache of accounting for equipment deprecation in on-premise data centers. Any company that has more than two servers can benefit from the freedom provided by virtualization. If your organization has more than 10 servers, private cloud along with a dedicated SAN & multiple physical host servers would be a huge benefit. In addition, you can utilize vendors with multiple data centers to allow for geographically dispersed hot backups.

CherryRoad has a dedicated team of experts who will be able to assist you with all of your private cloud needs. The benefits of private cloud go far beyond just storing data. Contact us today at 877-402-7804 to learn more about how CherryRoad can help your company implement private cloud services and not only save you time but also money.