SHARK UTM® Remote Workplace – Connect & Protect with CherryRoad’s Remote Workplace

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Like many organizations, CherryRoad has been confronted with the challenge to serve our customers in the face of COVID-19. Whether your customers are internal or external to your organization, maintaining a continuity of service wherever possible is on everyone’s mind. As an Information Technology solutions organization, our workforce has been accustomed to working in remote and virtual environments for many years. We recognize it is much less common for our customers in the public and education sectors to complete their work activities remotely. You may be limited, or not fully prepared, to enable your workforce to complete critical activities off site.

Should your organization require any assistance with its Business Continuity plan, our experts are available to help you with solutions including:

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  • Through our partnership with LogMeIn, CherryRoad can provide the GoToMeeting Emergency Remote Work Kit to the critical service providers in our communities, including municipalities, health care providers, educational institutes, and non-profit organizations. These Emergency Remote Work Kits include GoToMeeting’s web conferencing, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing services.
  • CherryRoad’s SHARK UTM® Remote Workplace solution provides users secure, remote access to their servers and workstations. It can be rapidly deployed and requires no hardware to be installed.
  • CherryRoad’s Digital Asset Cloud allows organizations to store and share documents and digital media in a cloud-hosted, fully secure, web-based repository. This solution may be of special interest to organizations that need to store and catalog public announcements, public board and committee meeting documents, taped sessions, videos, pamphlets, etc.

We have a genuine interest in offering a hand of help to you, not to profit or exploit what is a serious situation for all our organizations. If you would like to speak with anyone on our team, please contact us at