Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Reducing Infrastructure Costs with our Infrastructure as a Service

With significant budgetary restraints often the norm, public sector organizations often struggle to meet the challenges and complexities of building and maintaining an effective infrastructure. In addition, having the flexibility to scale up and down quickly based on changing business needs is a critical competitive advantage for any IT department.

To help Cities, Counties, States, and educational institutions overcome these challenges, CherryRoad offers the ability to provision servers, storage, network, and operating systems as needed while getting the benefit of using Oracle’s engineered systems. This allows our customers to receive the benefits of outsourcing infrastructure needs while maintaining security via our private network.

When does it make sense to use Infrastructure as a Service?

  • Where demand is very volatile – any time there are significant spikes and troughs in terms of demand on the infrastructure
  • For new organizations without the capital to invest in hardware
  • Where the organization is growing rapidly and scaling hardware would be problematic
  • Where there is pressure on the organization to limit capital expenditure and to move to operating expenditure
  • For specific line of business, trial or temporary infrastructural needs

Leverage the many benefits of CherryRoad’s IaaS Solutions

With our IaaS solutions, your organization can:

  • Buy only the infrastructure you need: Eliminate large investments in hardware and data centers, with no wasted excess capacity
  • Make it easy on your staff: Along with the infrastructure CherryRoad can provide the resources to setup and support your needs
  • Accommodate remote teams in different locations: Project and support teams have the secure connectivity into our platforms so usage can be provided 24/7/365.
  • Assure Security: Our subscription-based IaaS model includes secure data centers, backups, recovery and strict adherence with industry standards and practices.
  • Focus on your Core business: Get your IT resources focused on solutions for the business and leave the commodity related items to CherryRoad.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we’ve helped other organizations with their Infrastructure as a Service needs.

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