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CherryRoad’s deep experience serving hundreds of public sector IT departments makes us uniquely qualified to deliver flexible and scalable enterprise technology solutions. We understand the pressures that IT staffs face in maneuvering today’s ever-changing technology landscape in order to maximize enterprise effectiveness. Our expert Technology Services help alleviate those pressures.

Whether it is determining the cost/benefit of an outsourced hosted solution, evaluating how to best integrate public or private Cloud solutions, taking advantage of today’s many X “as a Service” tools, or conducting security testing to mitigate breach risks, we’ll help ensure IT can strategically support the enterprise.

CherryRoad serves many of our hundreds of clients as a long-term partner, delivering leading-edge technology services that enable significant efficiency improvements. These include:

We provide services to augment your existing architecture and services, including remote datacenter support or a fully or partially outsourced model in one of CherryRoad’s Tier 3 data centers.

Powered by Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic, our subscription-based pricing options allow for permanent or temporary datacenter expansion to accommodate unanticipated workloads.

We provide several levels of service for Disaster Recovery via our Tier 3 datacenters, ensuring alignment with your overall Business Continuity Plan.

Utilizing multiple platforms, we enable our clients to increase developer productivity.

We provide threat detection, penetration testing, and other services to assist in improving an organization’s security posture.

We utilize leading-edge technology to deliver custom, repeatable solutions via the CherryRoad portal.

CherryRoad’s technology services continue to expand as we partner with our clients to tackle new technologies and translate those offerings into benefits.

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