Enterprise Security Assessment

Assessing your Enterprise Security

Both broad and targeted cyber threats and attacks are steadily increasing in frequency and complexity, making the importance of fail-safe security more paramount than ever. Yet, with inadequate budgets and the need to comply with intensifying regulations, public sector organizations face significant challenges in protecting citizen data as well as their information assets, infrastructure, and services. Indeed, cyber security is the number-one strategic priority for state and local CIOs, according to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).

With decades of IT engagements in local and state agencies and departments as well as educational institutions, transportation, and healthcare organizations, CherryRoad is uniquely qualified to serve as your cyber security partner. Our comprehensive Enterprise Security Assessment uncovers vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT capabilities, policies, and procedures that allow for network penetration, data breaches, loss of services, and numerous other risks.

Our assessments span external and internal penetration tests, applications, user security awareness, disaster recovery, firewall and border security, web and email content filtering, directory configuration, and proprietary information. With comprehensive knowledge of your vulnerabilities, we develop our remediation recommendations to maximize both the security of your environment and the cost-effectiveness of protecting it.

With CherryRoad’s Enterprise Security Assessment services, your organization can effectively:

  • Identify its cyber security infrastructure vulnerabilities as well as potential risks for threats and intrusions
  • Mitigate risks with high-value solutions based on security best practices
  • Comply with increasing regulations

We invite you to contact us to learn how we’ve helped other organizations assess their Enterprise Security needs.

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