Enterprise Architecture Assessment

Assessing Enterprise Architecture Performance

As public sector IT organizations seek more ways to gain operational and service efficiencies while keeping their staff focused on critical strategic initiatives, optimizing their enterprise architectures is a high priority. Identifying the gaps and best path forward is the first step, but that alone can be a complex undertaking for busy in-house staff.

CherryRoad’s Enterprise Architecture Assessment enables your organization to pinpoint opportunities for IT improvements that will lower your infrastructure total cost of ownership. Through the lens of our deep technology and public sector experience, we:

  • Provide best practices for production and non-production hardware in the areas of server architecture and capacity, virtualization, storage, network, and peripherals
  • Assess proposed web, application, database, batch, and ancillary server configuration with regard to sizing, scalability, load balancing, and failover
  • Establish a framework of application environments necessary to support implementations or upgrades, as well as ongoing production maintenance
  • Evaluate an On-Premise vs. Hosted solution and its impact to the project and ongoing operations

In our comprehensive discovery phase, CherryRoad identifies where you are and where you need to be with regard to hardware configuration, work processes, IT standards, disaster recovery, physical space configurations, and more. This provides you and us a thorough understanding of your organization’s operational patterns as well as insights into opportunities for systemic improvements.

CherryRoad then conducts an expert assessment and develops recommendations, delivering a series of inclusive reports covering findings and analyses. In addition to providing remedial and/or proposed enhancement elements, you’ll receive a detailed project plan tailored to your organization.

Your organization will also benefit from CherryRoad’s time-to-value impact analysis. This work product scopes direct labor and resources necessary to implement your end-to-end project plan. As an extended value, CherryRoad also delivers a specific enterprise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis based on an “on-premise vs. hosted” comparison, should your organization require that information in the future.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we’ve helped other organizations assess their infrastructure needs.

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