Enterprise Strategy

CherryRoad’s Cloud Strategy Assessment will map your organization’s optimal path for leveraging cost efficiencies along with opportunities for measurable improvements:

  • Flexibility
  • Disaster recovery
  • Collaboration
  • Work from anywhere
  • Document control
  • Security

Our assessments span external and internal penetration tests, applications, user security awareness, disaster recovery, firewall and border security, web and email content filtering, directory configuration, and proprietary information. With comprehensive knowledge of your vulnerabilities, we develop our remediation recommendations to maximize both the security of your environment and the cost-effectiveness of protecting it.

With CherryRoad’s Enterprise Security Assessment services, your organization can effectively:

  • Identify its cybersecurity infrastructure vulnerabilities as well as potential risks for threats and intrusions.
  • Mitigate risks with high-value solutions based on security best practices.
  • Comply with increasing regulations.

CherryRoad’s Enterprise Architecture Assessment enables your organization to pinpoint opportunities for IT improvements that will lower your infrastructure total cost of ownership. Through the lens of our deep technology and public sector experience, we:

  • Provide best practices for production and non-production hardware in the areas of server architecture and capacity, virtualization, storage, network, and peripherals.
  • Assess proposed web, application, database, batch, and ancillary server configuration with regard to sizing, scalability, load balancing, and failover.
  • Establish a framework of application environments necessary to support implementations or upgrades, as well as ongoing production maintenance.
  • Evaluate an On-Premise vs. Hosted solution and its impact to the project and ongoing operations.

CherryRoad’s Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Assessment delivers the strategies and procedures that will help return your IT operations to an acceptable level of performance as quickly as possible following a disruptive event. Our strategies maximize the speed at which IT assets can be returned to normal or near-normal performance so that your organization can quickly get back to business as usual – or an acceptable interim state of operations.

  • Better protect your people as well as your data, hardware, and software.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for corporate governance and government legislation.
  • Find and address process shortcomings through the operations review process.
  • Demonstrate IT’s high levels of commitment, reliability, and performance to customers and constituents.
  • Significantly reduce losses in the event a disaster occurs.



Hundreds of public sector organizations consider CherryRoad their trusted partner for PeopleSoft back-office applications, including Human Capital Management, Financial Systems Management, and Customer Relationship Management. That’s because we understand how to implement solutions tailored to their operations, processes, constituent demands, compliance and reporting complexities, transparency requirements, financial and staffing pressures, and more.


When managing upgrades and new implementations of e-business applications, CherryRoad optimizes the benefits of the suite within our clients’ environments, empowering them to:

  • Reduce back-office operating expenses.
  • Operate significantly more efficiently and effectively.
  • Improve financial, workforce and supplier base management and decision-making.
  • Improve transparency and access.
  • Further mitigate risk.
  • Better prepare for expansion and increasing complexities.
  • More effectively manage change.


With our proven Hyperion expertise, CherryRoad helps clients more effectively navigate their program funding issues as well as visibly deliver on increased compliance and regulatory requirements and constituent demands for more accountability.

  • Reduce cost of ownership by integrating Hyperion with other ERP applications.
  • Optimize individual or collaborative budget proposals for incremental funding requests.
  • Utilize flexible position/employee budgeting for more effective workforce planning.
  • Reduce planning and budgeting cycle times with a powerful workflow and plan management framework.


CherryRoad optimizes OBIEE for your specific needs, tailoring the relevant pre-packaged analytics to core functions such as HR, finance, procurement, project costing, project and grant finances, and governance and control. If needed, we’ll add additional subject areas, bring in more summarized data, and enable capabilities to slice and dice data differently.

  • Quickly access complete and accurate data.
  • Explore and discover new insights.
  • Make faster and better decisions.
  • Better align and assess your resources.
  • Deploy best practices in analytics and financial management.
  • Provide anytime/anywhere access to insights with mobile capabilities.


CherryRoad’s GRC expertise enables our clients to replace homegrown reporting systems and other disconnected ad hoc methods with a common platform for managing enterprise risks and controls. Our practical and talented consultants tailor and enrich the functionality of Oracle’s leading-edge GRC suite based on your organization’s specific objectives.

  • Standardize the process of identifying, measuring and responding to operational risks.
  • Utilize executive-level dashboards to highlight key risk and performance indicators and provide detailed source evidence.
  • Assess root causes and accountability for risk via tracked loss incidents and ownership.
  • Streamline remediation of issues.
  • Protect information assets from security breaches.
  • Reduce costs while optimizing compliance and service levels.
  • Automate enterprise management of compliance documentation, assessment, analysis, and certification.


CherryRoad will ensure your Oracle HCM Cloud solution meets your specific needs around position control and management, payroll, open records, integration with stakeholder systems, varied reporting requirements, and more, including:

  • Accelerate your successful adoption of Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • Connect and optimize workforce management processes, including payroll and benefits, employee lifecycle management, training, and more.
  • Optimize self-service capabilities with unified user experiences, connect-anywhere capabilities, and role-based functionality for all staff.
  • Leverage the tremendous analytics and business intelligence capabilities of Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • Reduce costs associated with deploying, managing and supporting on-premise applications.
  • Gain instant access to application updates and innovations.
  • Learn more about our Civil Service offering.


CherryRoad’s Center of Excellence can help your organization simplify, integrate, and manage your talent management functions and processes with Oracle Taleo Cloud Service so that you can:

  • Recruit strategically to fill gaps in skills and competencies.
  • Identify, track, and nurture top talent.
  • Move talent according to organization needs and career goals.
  • Align individual goals with organizational objectives, measure performance, and provide frequent coaching and feedback.
  • Manage essential training tied to compliance, regulatory requirements, job roles, and onboarding needs.
  • Improve hiring efficiency and effectiveness with optimized self-service functionality and adoption.
  • Learn more about our Civil Service offering.


As an Oracle-certified Cloud implementer, we’ll configure your solution according to how your organization budgets to optimize the rich functionality and benefits of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud empowering you to:

  • Accelerate solution adoption.
  • Modernize and simplify an integrated, enterprise-wide planning and budgeting process with seamless management reporting.
  • Reduce costs associated with deploying, managing and supporting on-premise applications as well as integrating with other applications.
  • Lower total cost of ownership by reducing hardware costs and integrating with other ERP and Cloud applications.
  • Connect unlimited staff members to rich self-service features with an intuitive, mobile-ready user interface.
  • Reduce planning and budgeting cycle times with a powerful workflow and plan management framework.
  • Gain instant access to application updates and innovations.


Our solutions address public sector organizations’ unique needs around encumbrance accounting; charts of accounts; local, state, federal, and statutory reporting requirements; internal cost accounting and performance standards; the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; capital projects; grant-funded reimbursements; citizen accessibility; and much more, including:

  • Accelerate successful adoption of Oracle Financials Cloud.
  • Leverage continuous innovation in key technologies such as mobile, social, and analytics deployed in the Cloud.
  • Empower budget managers, business managers, and decision-makers with real-time, self-service reporting and analysis.
  • Reduce costs associated with deploying, managing and supporting on-premise financial applications.
  • Gain instant access to Oracle Financials Cloud updates.


We take great care to tailor our procurement cloud service to your unique environment and requirements. These include close-looped RFI/RFP/RFQ processes, the intricacies of encumbrance accounting, the use and management of contracts, vendor self-registration and documentation, and much more so that your organization can:

  • Accelerate solution adoption.
  • Practice smart sourcing by uncovering savings opportunities, prioritizing procurement actions, and negotiating enforceable agreements.
  • Expand self-service by promoting requester satisfaction, motivating appropriate choices, and enabling widespread use.
  • Protect mission interests by balancing competing objectives, limiting unwanted behaviors, and adapting to operational disruptions.
  • Reduce costs associated with deploying, managing and supporting on-premise procurement applications.
  • Gain instant access to Oracle Procurement Cloud updates.


CherryRoad’s private Cloud addresses these challenges by offering a secure environment that is scalable and affordable. We regularly measure and report on Service Level Agreement(s) (SLA) to provide full transparency to clients. Our solution features:

  • Core infrastructure hosting (co-location, partially and fully managed infrastructure options) and comprehensive management in a highly secure, certified environment.
  • Dedicated 24x7x365 support center services.
  • Access to our web-based Management Portal.
  • Database administration, maintenance and optimization.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction backed by guaranteed response times and pre-defined escalation procedures in SLAs.

CherryRoad offers the ability to provision servers, storage, network, and operating systems as needed while getting the benefit of using Oracle’s engineered systems. This allows our customers to receive the benefits of outsourcing infrastructure needs while maintaining security via our private network.


  • Buy only the infrastructure you need: Eliminate large investments in hardware and data centers, with no wasted excess capacity.
  • Make it easy on your staff: Along with the infrastructure CherryRoad can provide the resources to setup and support your needs.
  • Easily contract through NASPO
  • Accommodate remote teams in different locations: Project and support teams have the secure connectivity into our platforms so usage can be provided 24/7/365.
  • Assure Security: Our subscription-based IaaS model includes secure data centers, backups, recovery and strict adherence with industry standards and practices.
  • Focus on your Core business: Get your IT resources focused on solutions for the business and leave the commodity related items to CherryRoad.

Complex regulatory requirements. As public sector organizations face immense challenges, the need for an updated and cost-effective disaster business continuity/disaster recovery solution has reached critical status for many.

Because we’ve been supporting clients for over 30 years in various Oracle technology initiatives, our diverse technical and functional resources deliver numerous advantages from our dedicated 24x7x365 support center. With CherryRoad’s expert DRaaS, your organization’s operations are fortified by:

  • State-of-the art disaster recovery facilities that offer the highest levels of security, application protection, and service reliability and are designed for fault-tolerance.
  • Physical security controls and procedures that keep mission-critical applications up and running around the clock. Our facilities are secured 24x7x365 by full-time, on-site staff and dedicated security personnel through the use of proximity card readers, biometric sensors, and video surveillance systems.
  • A right-sized level of service, with our Gold, Silver, and Bronze options serving as excellent foundations for further tailoring to your application protection needs. We help you select the right level of redundancy based on your tolerance for risk, as well as optimize the solution to meet your recovery objectives and budget.
  • Easily contract through NASPO.

With a fact-based, remediation strategy to maximize both the security of your environment and the cost-effectiveness of protecting it, CherryRoad delivers security services to effectively mitigate network penetration, data breaches, loss of services, and numerous other risks. Our integrated and scalable security services span:

  • Comprehensive penetration testing
  • Compliance and audit
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Secure code review
  • Digital forensics and incident response
  • Managed security services
  • Education and training

Built around our decades of technology experience in public sector markets, our PaaS solutions are unified environments that enable a flexible infrastructure, a powerful standards-based platform, and a comprehensive portfolio of business applications – all on a subscription basis.

  • Easily contract through NASPO

Public Sector Assessment

CherryRoad’s Public Sector Assessment combines a fully configurable, web-based solution with flexible report and user dashboards. Providing hiring managers with more visibility into and control over the recruitment function, it enables significant efficiency improvements, including a reduced time to hire.

Our cloud solution supports multi-phase assessments and eligible list management within the Uniform Selection Guidelines used in Civil Service and Merit systems. It also supports candidate test scheduling, uploads of exam results from third-party vendors, adverse impact analysis, score rescaling, candidate ranking, banding, list promulgation, and more.

CherryRoad delivers our Public Sector Assessment as a reliable subscription service, along with:

  • Proven Oracle Marketplace and integration capabilities
  • Service level agreements that meet the demands of public sector organizations
  • Cloud security that fully secures the infrastructure, application, user access control, and interface layers
  • Release management, including application maintenance and updates aligned with OTAC
  • Incident management, including call center/help desk support, issue management and resolution services (break/fix), and technical/functional support.
  • Easily contract through NASPO.

Dakota211 Platform

A highly scalable portal, Dakota211 offers one-point access to Oracle Cloud and all on-premise applications. You can tie just about any technology and application to it as well as view service levels through it. Our combination of real-time and catalog offerings include:

  • Solutions – Integration, Point Solutions, Security
  • Services – Release Management, Security Management, Help Desk, Training, SLAs
  • Products – Tools, Catalogue, Customizations, APIs
  • User Experience – Portal, Wikis, Messaging, Forums, Mobility, Usability

CherryRoad Government Cloud

With the reliability and security of CherryRoad’s Government Cloud – combined with our comprehensive Cloud services – cities, counties, and state organizations can confidently drive IT efficiency improvements as they:

  • Eliminate capital expenditures.
  • Enable staff to work from anywhere.
  • Automatically keep software up-to-date.
  • More effectively connect people, processes, and technology.
  • Assure business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Improve document control.
  • Improve collaboration.


Application Support Services

A long-time Oracle Platinum Partner, CherryRoad supports clients’ installed and often customized enterprise systems.

CherryRoad’s complete end-to-end application support services include:

  • A complete set of application management services to provide full support and maintenance of Oracle across the enterprise.
  • Development management services that leverage our decades of collective knowledge and experience from over 500 projects to provide you with effective customizations, user interfaces, and enhancements, and more.
  • Release management services that streamline and accelerate upgrades to keep your current platform current and optimized.
  • Incident management services that capture, manage, resolve, and communicate issues using our provide tools and processes.

Help Desk 24x7x365

Many organizations have turned to CherryRoad’s Intellicenter, our fully staffed Network Operation Center (NOC), for 24x7x365 Level 1 (or higher) services. Our experienced Intellicenter team members handle calls and monitor our many Managed Services clients. In addition, they utilize our Enterprise tool – ServiceNow® – to record and track incidents, providing clients full transparency via their own online portal. Features of our Help Desk include but are not limited to:

  • 24x7x365 available to cover all shifts.
  • Powered by ServiceNow, including Incident and Problem management as well as ability to expand to other ITIL disciplines, such as Request Management.
  • Scalable to Level 2, 3, and 4 support and can be integrated with your existing support team and ticketing system.
  • Service Level driven with weekly/monthly reports to provide transparency and trending.
  • Self-service portal offered for entry and review of incidents.

Desktop Support

Many IT organizations outsource their Desktop Support function as one means of maintaining service levels under increasing pressure to reduce spending. CherryRoad provides exceptional Desktop Support as an extension of our 24x7x365 Help Desk service, enabling our clients to lower costs, increase support levels, and ultimately improve their customer service. Our Intellicenter quickly routes Incident calls and emails to our Desktop Support team, comprised of exceptional service-minded professionals who efficiently diagnose, resolve, and/or escalate issues. Features of our Desktop Support include but are not limited to:

  • 24x7x365 available to cover all shifts.
  • Powered by ServiceNow, including Incident and Problem management as well as ability to other ITIL disciplines such as Request Management.
  • Can be integrated with your existing support team and ticketing system.
  • Service Level driven with weekly/monthly reports to provide transparency and trending.
  • Self-service portal offered for entry and review of incidents.

Training Services

CherryRoad supports all your training needs, including assessment and planning, solution design, and implementation needs. Whether it’s kick-off training for your implementation project team, training to enable test phases, or training of in-house trainers, IT, or end-users, we’re experts in effective content and delivery approaches. Our solutions span virtual classrooms, onsite sessions, online self-study, or a combination – from multiple user devices.


With dedicated Cloud training staff members, CherryRoad offers a flexible, plug-and-play approach to interactive training for Cloud applications. You select the pre-existing modules you need when you need them, and we deliver – anytime during or after implementation. For cloud application and process training, we offer several benefit rich options:

  • Baseline: At this level we cover how the system is put together and how to use it – and automated updates are included.
  • Customized: Here we tailor the baseline training so that screen shots match yours.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): You can also deliver your training through CherryRoad’s LMS, so you’ll have tracking, reporting, quizzing, and more.
  • We’ll also set up your training program within our environment so you don’t incur the costs of your own.

Our deep experience in these unique markets gives us intimate knowledge of back-office processes, from payroll and procurement to recruiting and onboarding. Offering high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable services along with a diversified product portfolio and a variety of platforms, CherryRoad manages all or part of organizations’ application needs better and faster.

The result is state-of-the-art business solutions that:

  • Upgrade service levels to stakeholders.
  • Improve process quality, speed, security, and compliance.
  • Reduce IT costs.
  • Fill gaps in budgets, skills, and resources.

With deep trust in our PeopleSoft heritage and infrastructure experience, organizations turn to CherryRoad for hands-on consultants to support a wide range of needs. This includes application development and maintenance, data management, systems analysis, business analytics, integration, quality assurance and testing, security, enterprise systems support, program management, and even day-to-day back-office operations like payroll.

CherryRoad’s professional strategic staffing solutions enables your IT organization to:

  • Fill temporary gaps in required expertise.
  • Quickly leverage technology advances.
  • Greatly accelerate hiring timelines.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Access proven talent on demand.

 We invite you to contact us to learn how we’ve helped other organizations with their needs.