As Oracle continues to release new features across PeopleSoft applications at a rapid pace, IT departments in public sector and other organizations are struggling to meet the related testing needs. Certainly, IT experts appreciate the benefits of PeopleSoft Test Framework. However, many simply don’t have the internal resources or time to design and execute a comprehensive testing strategy, much less keep up with the growing frequency and volume of testing now required to evaluate change and optimize upgrades.

As a result, teams often must push minimally tested upgrades through. This often leads to the discovery of new conflicting features or newly introduced bugs in the production environment. They must then invest a lot of unplanned time to diagnose and resolve these issues in crisis mode. Equally concerning, due to uncertainty and risk management, some organizations are opting to not upgrade at all, thereby not allowing the business to leverage needed bug fixes and powerful new features.

CherryRoad can help your organization alleviate the burdens of testing – and the risks of not testing. With unmatched technical and functional PeopleSoft expertise, we’ll help you leverage the power of the delivered test framework to reduce costs, understand functionality changes, test bug fixes, avoid unexpected business disruptions.

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Having this flexibility ensures as clean path to keep your PeopleSoft system up to date. Specifically, our services for the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) include:

  • Identifying, cataloging and documenting your business processes
  • Developing an appropriate testing strategy to include
    • Data set design
    • Test data creation and scripting
    • Test case automation with PTF
    • Identify cases where manual intervention is appropriate
  • Writing scripts for PTF
  • Testing business processes, upgrades, and regressions for easy comparisons
  • Leveraging and delivering numerous PTF test reports

CherryRoad can also design and manage your testing program more broadly than PTF specific use cases. Our testing expertise encompasses integration, performance, load, and usability testing strategies.

Flexibility is a primary reason our clients highly value their long-term working relationships with CherryRoad. Whether it’s project work or ongoing monthly support, we’re pleased to structure the delivery of our testing services to meet your specific needs. Just reach out to discuss more!