MD-Shield (Mobile Device Shield) Cloud Service provides a complete content filtering solution for Apple™ iOS devices and Google™ Chromebook devices.

School Districts that provide these devices for home use are often burdened with the task of providing Web Content Filtering when the device is off campus. Until now, solutions are often costly, complex and require special web browsers which often were not compatible with all websites. Many times students are able to simply install a different web browser or disable the filtering altogether.

The solution is the MD-Shield Cloud Content Filtering Service, powered by the SHARK UTM® software by Addition Networks.

As a true cloud based service, MD-Shield requires no hardware devices to be hosted at your school. MD-Shield is designed specifically to work with Apple iOS and Google devices, but the nature of our flexible technology allows MD-Shield to work with many types of devices.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use. Simply configure the required settings using your MDM solution and MD-Shield is working.
  • Comprehensive graphical portal/configuration interface.
  • Statistics and logging automatically available for 30 days.
  • Cost effective service based on number of devices protected.

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