ipaas for ERP integration

How iPaaS Can Help You Beat Tough ERP Integration Challenges?

The Cloud has taken the business world by storm—and with good reason. It delivers powerful operational and organizational benefits, including scale, lower cost, agility, and increased security. According to SG Analytics, 94% of today’s enterprises already use Cloud services. But embracing the Cloud brings tough ERP integration challenges. Beating these ERP challenges drives performance.

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) can help you conquer your tough integration challenges. iPaaS not only simplifies and streamlines data, application, security, and compliance integration. It also delivers critical operational benefits, accelerates innovation, lowers integration costs, and boosts agility and flexibility. The key is choosing the right iPaaS platform for your business requirement. Selecting the right outside IT vendor to help with this choice is critical.

What is an iPaaS Platform?

iPaaS platforms deliver services from a public Cloud and require no on-premises hardware or software. These hosted platforms deliver Cloud services for application, data, process, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration. Multi-tenant tools, iPaaS platforms support Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises, and B2B integration. These integration solutions generate a single, trusted source of data with much less effort and cost than traditional integration platforms.

How are companies using iPaaS platforms?

ipaas for ERP integration

Business organizations are using iPaas platforms for integrating data from multiple sources and locations, comprehensive data integration for Cloud data warehousing, Salesforce integration, and improved application integration and API management. iPaaS is also ideal for B2B integration, embedding iPaaS functionality into an app, enabling communication between microservices, and managing APIs for the Internet of Things (IoT)

iPaaS platforms are fully managed services, with third-party iPaaS vendors delivering infrastructure and middleware to help manage, create, and integrate data and applications. With continuous automatic systems in the Cloud, iPaaS platforms eliminate the need for manual upgrades and software maintenance. Plus, they support any type of user, data, and integration pattern, maximizing flexibility and scalability.

iPaaS to Combat ERP Integration

Organizations can’t ignore their Cloud-generated ERP integration challenges. They include the need to support outbound data from the ERP to other enterprise systems, integrate ERPs to internal systems in data centers, and integrate external systems, including cloud-based applications and mobile platforms, that use newer and still evolving protocols. ERP challenges also include the need to support data transformation to and from several data formats and the need to change existing integrations to other applications.

iPaaS can help with these roadblocks. This integration tool provides the same benefits as PaaS but at a much broader scale—all while delivering a unique set of services across multiple Cloud residents. Key benefits of iPaaS include:

  • Greater support for rapid of Dev/Ops
  • More agile application development cycles
  • Better integrations in a shorter time
  • Increased scalability/reduced complexity
  • Lower integration costs
  • Up-to-date data everywhere
  • Improved automation workflow.

Critical features to look for in an iPaaS solution include support for out-of-the-box templates for Cloud data warehouses, integration of data sources in real-time, partner integration and EDI using a B2B gateway, and a simple publish and subscribe architecture. Also, look for support for a 360-degree view of data about critical business entities, quick and enhanced protection for sensitive data, and support for new and unique integration patterns.

What Oracle Offers in its iPaaS Platform

Oracle iPaaS is simple and powerful middleware that beats other iPaaS companies’ tools for product, service, support, features, market strength, and pricing. This Cloud integration tool eliminates barriers between applications through a combination of machine learning, embedded best practices, pre-built-integration, and process automation.

Oracle iPaaS’s features including auto-provisioning, auto-association, auto- recommended features, pre-built, and mobile integration, as well as SDK for adapters, managed file transfer service, and file/batch Integration. Oracle Integration Cloud Services (OIC) is complete, secure, and lightweight. It simplifies the design, monitoring, and management of connections between your applications. Plus, it’s well-suited connecting SaaS to SaaS and SaaS to on-premises applications.

Oracle iPaas platform

Oracle SOA Cloud Service provides a PaaS solution for running applications like Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring. This iPaaS also tool offers a complete set of service infrastructure tools to help you design, deploy, and manage composite applications.  It can help you reduce costs, create test environments in the Cloud, and monitor and manage environments efficiently and effectively.

CherryRoad has a decade of in-depth experience implementing Oracle iPaaS for several clients. We’ve completed implementations where we’ve used Oracle iPaaS (OIC) to integrate an organization’s Oracle HCM/ERP system. We’ve also completed implementations of an integrated on-premises system with Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM and Taleo with Oracle provided adapters, such as Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Talent Acquisition, FTP, REST, and SOAP adapters. These implementations have boosted business functionality, cut operations costs, and made life easier for our clients. More importantly, they have provided a tangible return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

Need help beating your ERP integration challenges? We’ve helped dozens of others beat their challenges with Oracle iPaaS. We can help you. To know more about CherryRoad Oracle services, mail us at info@cherryroad.com.


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Akhilesh Kumar is a PeopleSoft specialist and a seasoned ERP consultant at CherryRoad for Oracle Fusion cloud applications.

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