Binge-watching is a huge trend lately, and while ‘binging’ recently I stumbled upon an interesting documentary series on World War II. The event should never have happened, but we all know the reality is, it did.

This documentary clearly outlined the devastation around the event. But it also highlighted the strategy and innovation that the participating countries adopted to conquer.

For example, Germans chose speed as their weapon to overcome their weakness of being less in number. The ‘Blitzkrieg’ operations capitalized on fast and surprise attacks, and the enemy’s lack of readiness to identify the threat was their advantage. Radio communications were key, enabling commanders to coordinate the advance and keep the enemy off balance, and constantly guessing.

This got me thinking that humans, when combating adversity, often lean towards an unconventional strategy and innovative technology to win.

The current times are not very different. The ‘digital war’ is all around the data, albeit virtual, but it is very much there. Today, tech innovation is a need not to conquer but to survive.

And to combat these challenges, you need a trusted partner who has the right weapons.

How does CherryRoad fit in accelerated modernization?

A quote by Steve Jobs that we truly believe in at CherryRoad, as we are in the business of helping communities and companies achieve digital transformation.

At CherryRoad, agility and innovation are the primary focus, a part of our culture that we do not compromise on. Our teams constantly strive to innovate and accelerate every aspect of our day-to-day operations. We continuously update our processes to maintain that edge which keeps us a notch above.

Here is the CherryRoad tech toolbox that helps our clients become future-ready: 

Data Migration Suite for Oracle Cloud

We understand the cloud computing domain inside and out. We have done multiple cloud implementations in recent months which provides us sufficient information on what we need to do, and not do, to make a smooth transition. From data cleansing, extraction, and transformation using cloud data migration templates, our learning curve expedites this conversion process by leaps and bounds (50%-70% faster execution from the second cycle than the manual route using pre-built templates).

FastTrack Cloud Implement Methodology

CherryRoad’s FastTrack Implementation Methodology consists of five key project phases essential for a seamless cloud software implementation. The major phases include:

  1. Project planning and discovery
  2. Solution configuration and prototype
  3. Solution Deployment and testing
  4. Training
  5. Production support.

 Automated Testing for Oracle Cloud, Applications, and API’s

One of the major challenges in a cloud implementation is the configuration accuracy or instance setup. Our automated testing tool for Oracle Cloud accelerates the verification process to a few hours, compared to weeks that organizations spend in this regard. Thus, saving cost and effort along the way.

Integration Toolset

Integration tools are expensive. If you are not using these tools effectively, you will be burning cash on the investment without any returns. We help our clients with a lightweight integration solution that helps to connect their systems, track communications, and provide reporting capabilities with minimal investment. The customer realizes the enterprise value when CherryRoad brings Integration tools to the engagement.

Security Testing Suite

Security is a critical factor these days. Online threats are spiking like never before. Our solutions are aggressively tested before rollout and monitored post-go-live using our internal security monitoring and reporting tools. Customers can have peace of mind as they are proactively informed and protected from various vulnerabilities and threats, thus safeguarding their applications & data. Our infrastructures are purpose-built and certified for public sector customers and data protection.

Historical Filing Cabinet (HFC)

Archiving your old data and accessing it when required should not be a bottleneck. We have seen customers struggling with this aspect. Our HFC solution accelerates data archiving and provides data access via forms and reports from secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure. Customers can focus on their business and we will take care of the rest.

Having an innovation and agility mindset in everything that we do is not a discipline that we acquired overnight. It is a continuous process that we strive for, day in and day out, and have for 35 years. And we are still evolving. But it all becomes worth it when we see that gleam in the eye of our clients who save time, cost, and effort by relying on us to meet their most pressing business challenges.

If you are curious to know more about the CherryRoad difference or have any queries, please feel free to mail us at