ERP and HCM System Implementation for Lucas County, Ohio

About the Client

Lucas County is located in northwest Ohio, with the city of Toledo as the County seat. Home to 455,054 residents, the County is located along the northern edge of Ohio and bordering Lake Erie, spanning 340 square miles of land and a stunning 255 square miles of waterways and lake. The County government is comprised of 47 separate agencies with 29 bargaining units and approximately 4,400 employees.

Client Challenge
  • To help Lucas County officials ensure that their ERP investment will be strategically sound and successfully implemented.
  • A CherryRoad ERP Strategic Implementation Plan, with specific recommendations for preparation, deployment and maintenance.
CherryRoad Solution
  • CherryRoad Technologies consultants assessed Lucas County’s current organization and technical infrastructure in preparation for an ERP system. A blueprint was developed mapping current and future state business processes, as well as a technical evaluation in preparation for the implementation of an ERP system.
Lucas County sets the stage for ERP success with CherryRoad Technologies
  • Lucas County, Ohio, which spans an area of 340 square miles in northwest Ohio and has more than 455,000 residents, needed to upgrade its financial and HCM systems. County officials wanted the integrated control that advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can bring. But they definitely wanted to avoid the horror stories of delayed or failed implementation they had heard about in taking on such a complex challenge. And they needed to work within a limited budget. So Ed Ciecka, County Administrator, Keith Fournier, Director of Information Services and Dan Bridge, Director of Payroll for Lucas County made a smart business decision.
  • They searched for an experienced team of consultants who could help them assess their readiness and develop a comprehensive implementation plan. Based on CherryRoad’s long history of working with public sector organizations and its proven management consulting and ERP implementation skills, Lucas County selected CherryRoad for this consulting engagement.
Assessment: determining what needs to be done
  • Stage one in any successful ERP implementation is a careful survey of the current organization and infrastructure. Implementers need a roadmap of what needs to be changed to leverage the capabilities of the new system. And that is precisely what CherryRoad recommended for Lucas County.
  • In conjunction with the Strategic Implementation Plan, CherryRoad provided an in-depth analysis of the Lucas County IT organization and staff, then followed up with detailed change organizational development recommendations. Other components of the Strategic Implementation Plan action items addressed redesigning internal business processes as well as project implementation requirements, best practices concerning time management, scope management, quality management, risk management and technical infrastructure.
ERP vendor selection: an impartial methodology

Based on our proven implementation methodology and extensive public sector experience, CherryRoad provided Lucas County with a valuable, thorough approach method for ERP system selection. Totally vendor neutral, it enables Lucas County officials to evaluate systems capabilities and costs based on their unique needs. And it provides the information and tools to make logical and prudent decisions about their organization and ERP selection.

Best practices: reinforcing the recommendation

To augment the detailed recommendations delivered in the Strategic Implementation Plan, CherryRoad Technologies leveraged it’s strategic partnership with The Gartner Group to assist in defining best practices for ERP implementation – further supporting the SIP with Gartner’s broad industry knowledge regarding ERP trends and best practices for ERP. With this knowledge, Lucas County can be confident they have the plan they need for optimal results.

The result: a comprehensive plan and the confidence to execute it

As a result of our Strategic Implementation Plan, Lucas County gained the advantage of CherryRoad Technologies long history of ERP implementation success, superior ERP skill and management consulting expertise to assess their ERP decision. The result was that County also gained a clear, actionable, step-by-step plan that encompasses organizational development, process transformation, change management and ERP implementation. They now know what needs to be done, and what changes and resources will be required to do it. Overall, Lucas County officials complement CherryRoad flexibility and the value of its practical, useful solutions.

Client Benefit

Instead of proceeding based on general goals and assumptions, Lucas County now has a detailed plan for ERP implementation and business process redesign, as well as an impartial software selection method. This approach based on CherryRoad comprehensive knowledge and experience, ensures the County will leverage the capabilities of the ERP system in achieving their immediate and long term objectives.

The CherryRoad Advantage
  • CherryRoad Technologies brings unique advantages to every engagement. We not only have unsurpassed technical experience in all aspects of e-business development and planning, managing and implementing complex software applications for major business and government clients. We also have a practical, proven approach to problem solving matched with a commitment to open communication with our customers. This helps our relationships grow.
  • We are practical, knowledgeable, experienced professionals with a passion for delivering answers that work. We listen. We partner with you. And we help fast moving organizations like yours acquire the software and skills they need to propel their operations to new heights.

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