CherryRoad has a long history of completing successful Oracle application upgrades across a broad spectrum of industry segments on-time and on-budget. Our proven track record spanning more than two decades is deeply rooted in our core strengths: expert product knowledge, functional expertise, and our use of proprietary upgrade tools and methodology.

Our award-winning consulting services are guided by our corporate pledge to approach every project as a partnership. Client satisfaction is the key benchmark by which we measure our success and our approach ensures the highest level of engagement for your project and any future initiatives.

CherryRoad can provide you with a full range of consulting services to meet your needs. We can provide on-site or remote upgrade services to meet your budget. We can host your development instances in our state-of-the-art secured hosting facility. Click here to review our hosting services.

Our span of services offerings allows you to leverage our experienced consultants' talents to provide you with upgrade expertise as well as assist you with any hardware or infrastructure specific consulting services needed to minimize project risk and maximize value. Our services can be scaled to meet your project budget or to effectively augment your current in-house resources.

CherryRoad's long-standing partnership with Oracle has enabled our consultants to gain invaluable insight into new release development and strategic direction of future releases. Our partnership allows you to effectively leverage Oracle's resources to ensure your project's success.

CherryRoad provides you with proprietary tools and project templates to accelerate your upgrade project. These tools include:

  • Proven upgrade scripts based on Oracle supported scripts
  • Prebuilt Delta documents, Fit/Gap templates and Delta Training aids
  • Change Impact Analysis tool to find what SQRs need to be retrofitted
  • Proven upgrade testing methodology and upgrade test scripts
  • Hosted development instances to immediately start your upgrade analysis

Upgrade Planning Workshop | Planning Your Next PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Upgrade

Upgrade Services Options Available from CherryRoad:

  • Full-Service Upgrade - Our full-service upgrade offers a wide range of options and is popular among clients who view the upgrade as an opportunity to make a number of needed enhancements to the organization as a whole. Many of our clients look to us to augment both functional and technical staff during the upgrade process and provide expert leadership as part of the overall business improvement and transformation cycle.
  • Lab Upgrade - We provide all of the technical services required to complete the first iteration of your upgrade including a number of functional hours to assist with overall project governance, issue resolution and functional guidance during critical stages of the upgrade process where expert involvement is essential to help guide users and management with configuration decisions, data validation, testing and other critical tasks.
  • Technical Upgrade - This alternative provides on-site expert technical assistance to lead your staff through the upgrade and provide valuable knowledge transfer throughout the upgrade process. Our upgrade specialist will complete all the required upgrade tasks including the refinement of subsequent iterations and the inclusion of new functionality developed by your staff. CherryRoad again provides a number of functional hours from one of our senior application consultants to assist with overall project governance, issue resolution and functional guidance at critical stages of the upgrade process.