Planning a PeopleSoft HCM Upgrade

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Maximize the Benefits of Your HCM 9.2 Upgrade

Despite limited budgets for HR technology projects, you will most likely need to make an investment over the next 12-to-18 months to upgrade your PeopleSoft HCM platform. If you are on a standard software maintenance schedule, you will be required to upgrade your PeopleSoft HCM platform before June 2011 in order to receive critical tax updates that are necessary to operate your system.

CherryRoad Technologies can help your organization establish a project budget supported by a proven upgrade plan and solid business case. While each client’s upgrade objectives differ, there are clearly opportunities to save money and to take advantage of new application functionality, thereby maximizing the business value of your investment. Provided below is an overview of a suggested planning framework to help you prepare for your PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Upgrade.

Manage the costs while maximizing the benefits to your business during your next Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Upgrade:

  • Consider prioritizing scope based on existing business needs
  • Understand what functionality you currently own
  • Take advantage of existing and new application capabilities.
  • Develop a three-to-five year HR technology roadmap

The Key to a Successful Upgrade is a Good Plan

Frequently, organizations adopt a technology-oriented upgrade strategy due to a limited budget and compressed schedule. This can be avoided with early planning that involves the business community. Behind every successful upgrade is a good upgrade plan that is developed based on the outcome of the following activities:

  • Review and take inventory of current HRMS environment
  • Meet with business stakeholders to determine key outcomes
  • Identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement
  • Conduct conceptual fit/gap assessment of the new software environment/release
  • Conduct an HRMS value assessment
  • Develop a three to five year roadmap that includes both system optimization activities and business priorities
  • Develop a business case

PeopleSoft Upgrade Focal Points

The introduction of PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 in December 2006 provided broad support for holistic talent management while continuing to focus on streamlining core HCM business processes and increasing the value of customer investments through the introduction of new tools and technologies. PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 builds on those themes by offering increased configuration options; coupling transactions with analytics; and further aligning talent initiatives with business operations and human resources.

Here is a quick look at some upgrade focal points you may want to consider:

Security Optimization

Beginning with HCM Release 8.9, PeopleSoft delivered a new role-based data security framework. This new framework is referred to as role-based because the data security permission list(s) are assigned to a role which is then assigned to a user. This design provides a flexible architecture that is straightforward and can be significantly easier to set up and administer than security based solely on the Department Tree. The nucleus of this new security functionality centers on the concept of Security Sets and Security Access Types. Security Sets describe what kind of data is to be secured, such as People with Jobs. Security Access Types define how that type of data is to be secured, e.g., Reg Region, Business Unit, Location, and Non-Tree Department.

Employing PeopleSoft’s role-based security functionality can provide companies with the level of flexibility and control required to manage their Human Resources data, ensuring compliance with corporate and regulatory audit requirements.

Integrated Talent Management

Beginning with HCM Release 8.9, Oracle has made a concerted effort to enhance each new release of PeopleSoft by introducing software functionality and features that enable organizations to more easily link employees, organizational objectives, and business processes together to enable organizational success. As part of your upgrade analysis, you should evaluate the latest set of talent management software enhancements delivered in Release 9.2 and determine the ROI and associated road map for introducing these software features as part of your upgrade project.

Upgrade Planning Workshop | Management Consulting | PeopleSoft Healthcheck

HRMS Value Assessment

Know Where You Stand. Conduct an HRMS Value Assessment. CherryRoad can help you with all aspects of your upgrade: planning, analysis and implementation.

In order to make decisions relative to the scope of your next upgrade, it is important to assess the value relative to deployment complexity for each non-critical path item. This due diligence will help establish your priorities and develop the necessary business case to be used to help obtain funding for your upgrade.

The chart below (Figure 1), is a sample illustration of how selective HRMS initiatives compare to each other based on how they were rated using an Ease of Deployment and Value to Business scorecard.

A compelling business case can be made to include as part of your upgrade project, HRMS initiatives located in the lower right quadrant. Conducting an HRMS Value Assessment is a critical part of the upgrade planning process. A good upgrade plan addresses all of the essential technical components of the upgrade as well as any immediate business needs and quick wins (items that are easy to deploy and which deliver good value to the organization). Remaining scope items should be incorporated into your 3-to-5 year HR technology road map and deployed in a staged manner which aligns with your organizational objectives.

Looking Ahead

Taking time now to ensure your HR technology plans are well designed and effectively integrated with your broader business objectives will allow you to realize greater value and success in the years to come. Conducting an HRMS Value Assessment and developing an upgrade plan will ensure that your upgrade strategy is fiscally responsible and aligned to support your business needs. CherryRoad Technologies can help you with all aspects of your upgrade – planning, analysis and implementation.